Marraige at Fawsley Church
One of the most popualr requests we have for Fawsley Church is to get married there. 
Below are some basic details about this 



Please read these notes carefully. They explain some of the marriage laws and regulations under which Church of England Priests conduct marriages. You will be required to sign the Application Form as confirmation that you have read and understood these paragraphs.


Because of the strong and constant interest from people wishing to be married at St. Mary’s the PCC limit the number of such weddings to 6 per year.  This is in acknowledgement of the limitation of a parish priest’s time spread over the five parishes and of the very small number of Fawsley people available to deal with the considerable work involved beforehand and on the day itself.  Allocation is strictly on a first-come-first-served basis after completion of the application formalities and payment of the deposit.


To allow for the 6 month attendance period and the subsequent reading of the Banns (required by law) it is usually necessary to allow for a period of 8 months between application and the proposed date of the wedding. Weddings are only held during the 7 month period April to October due to problems of unsuitable conditions in the field surrounding the church during the winter months.


Statutory fees and fixed expenses total is shown on page 4. It cannot be an absolute condition to getting married at St. Mary’s, Fawsley but the PCC strongly urges couples to consider including an additional payment by way of donation, of at least £600. This amount, provides essential help towards this ancient church continuing its programme of upkeep and maintenance. The parish is asked by the diocese for a "Share" payment annually for Diocese central funding. The calculation of each parish’s share is in part based on attendance.  Fawsley’s share is approaching £6,000.


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