Advertising in "The Link"

Advertising Rates

Currently we only have space for a maximum of for 5 pages of advertising (the back page and 4 inside pages). It is advisable therefore to submit your requests in good time. Please can you use Contact Us (see menu on left) for any enquiries.

Also that the magazine is not generally printed in colour. You may submit coloured material but the finished product will be in grey-scale. However, the version uploaded each month to this web site is in colour.

All advertising must be paid for in advance. Our rates are:

  • Back page squares £6 per insertion
  • Quarter page £12 per insertion
  • Half page £20 per insertion
  • Full page £35 per insertion

Notes On Submitting Advertising Copy

  • You are welcome either to submit your own pre-prepared artwork, or simply to give us the text you wish to use.
  • If you are submitting text only, or text with an inserted graphic, we can lay it out appropriately for the size of advertisement you have chosen, or you may do that yourself. We will then send you a proof for approval before final insertion.
  • If you wish to submit free text but with an inserted graphic, please send the graphic as a separate .jpg file
  • If you are submitting pre-prepared artwork please note the following:
    • Copy should be as a .jpg or .pdf file. MS Word files are much less satisfactory. The size of the file is not important, but its shape is - see below.
    • For full-page or quarter-page ads. the shape needs to be portrait format (approx. 3:2).
    • For half-page ads. the shape needs to be landscape (approx. 2:3).
    • For the back page squares the ad. needs to be square.
  • As you will appreciate, all this can take a little to-ing and fro-ing to get things just right, so please do not leave it all until the last minute!

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