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The Revd Sue is running several study sessions in 2017. here is a list of some of them

Timetable of events and learning opportunities for 2017


a.    January meeting; Take Eat and Drink – Training for Eucharistic Assistants (reflections on Communion). 7pm Badby Church 18th January

b.    April meeting: Ritual and Actions in our Communion services. Developing servers and lay participation. Thursday 6th April 7pm Newnham Church

c.    August meeting: Prayer personal and public. Leading intercessions and prayers to use at home. 7pm August 23rd Preston Capes Church

d.    December meeting: Biblical interpretation -  focusing especially on the birth narratives in the gospels. Wednesday 6th December 7pm Badby Church

e.    Quarterly service planning meeting for all who are involved in organizing Sunday services, to look at what readings will be used, when banns need to be read, any other special requirements/arrangements. Held at Badby Church 10am Saturday morning. Copies of the Sunday reading sheets we use will be given out for those who read the lessons on Sundays. First meeting 12th November. Invite absolutely everyone you can think of who might need this information. Anyone unable to come it is your responsibility to ensure the information is passed to them. It will not be minuted, it’s not that sort of meeting. I intend this to be a way of opening up collaboration in our Sunday service.

f.     Introduction to world religions

Charwelton Chapel 7.30pm

Judaism  16th Feb

Islam  18th May

Christianity,  history of 17th August

Buddhism  9th November

g.    Other suggested topics           Introduction to Biblical interpretation

Social media friend or foe?

Origins of Religious belief


Bible Study

This document looks at each Gospel account of Jesus' Pasion, Death and Ressurection side by side to be able to compare the stories and draw new insights and questions
Passion Narrative texts.pdf

Christ Church Book Club 2nd session Radcliffe Why go to church rtf[1].docx


Christ Church Book Club 1st session Radcliffe Why go to church rtf.docx

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