December and Christmas services within the Knightley Benefice.


December 2016 services across the Benefice list as of October 20, 2016


1st December Thursday 9.30am Badby

2.30pm Mother’s Unions Advent Carols at Newnham Church

4th December Sunday 9.30am Newnham

                                                9.30am Preston Capes

                                                11am Badby

                                                6pm Badby

9th December Friday 3.45pm FONS Carols at Newnham School

11th December Sunday 9.30am Preston Capes

                                                11am Fawsley

                                                11am Badby

3pm Real Life nativity for Helping Harry Trust in a field in Flore on behalf of Newnham children

13th December Tuesday 10am Newnham School in church

17th December Saturday 4pm Christingle at Charwelton

18th December Sunday 9.30am Charwelton

                                                11am Fawsley

4pm Family Carols at Preston Capes

                                                6pm Carols at Badby

                                                Carols at Charwelton

20th December Tuesday 1.30pm Badby School in Church

23rd December Friday 6pm Traditional language Choral Nine Lesson and Carols Preston Capes

24th December Saturday 4pm Christingle Badby

                                                10pm Charwelton

                                                11.30pm Newnham

25th December Sunday 9.30am Preston Capes

11am Badby

11am Fawsley


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