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Advent 2015 Sermons

Through this season of preparation we will be looking at the way in which people have chosen to follow a specific rule of spiritual life.

I hope these will inspire each of you to consider making some commitment to shaping your own spiritual life in the coming new year.

Advent 1 we have learnt a bit about the Order of St Francis (Franciscans), the Poor Clares and the Third Order (Tertiaries). To learn about the life of St Francis the founder and inspiration you can check

To learn about the commitment of a Third order Rule of Life try


The Rule of the Third Order

Members of the world-wide Third Order, SSF are bound together by three major commitments:

  1. To Accept the Rule of the Order. This consists of the Principles, the Constitution and the Forms of Profession and Renewal for the Professed. Within this is the requirement as a Professed Tertiary to have a Spiritual Director for consultation
  2. To pray our Community Obedience each day which includes a prayer and a Principle for each day.
  3. To draw up and live by a Personal Rule of Life. This is carefully fitted to the circumstances of each Tertiary. It is the form under which we carry out our life-long vow to keep the Aims of the Order.

The Personal Rule of Life

The personal rule of life is drawn up under nine headings:

  1. The Eucharist. Tertiaries give a central place in their lives to the Eucharist, and pray for a deeper understanding of this Sacrament.
  2. Penitence. Tertiaries spend time each day looking at their life in the light of Christ’s teachings. They ask for forgiveness for their failings and guidance for the future.
  3. Personal Prayer. Each day, tertiaries look for opportunities to offer praise and prayer to God. They generally spend a continuous period each day in prayer or reflection.
  4. Self-denial. Tertiaries seek to live joyfully a life of simplicity, humble service and self discipline after the example of St Francis.
  5. Retreat. Tertiaries make a Retreat each year to allow God to develop their awareness of Him and His calling of them.
  6. Study. Tertiaries study to grow in the knowledge of God and His world. They look on such study as a way of making them better able to serve God.
  7. Simplicity. Tertiaries serve God in all they do and with all they possess. Like St Francis, they set aside the desire to acquire possessions or the good opinion of others for their own glory.
  8. Place in society; work; family. Tertiaries offer to God their place in society, their work and their duty to those to whom their lives are attached. They make God’s love known by word and deed
  9. Obedience. Tertiaries commit themselves in obedience to the Rule of the Third Order and to keep their Rule of Life. In so doing they are alert to the voice of the Spirit speaking inwardly and through their Spiritual Director and other people. They live in Christian Fellowship with their Franciscan brothers and sisters by attending Local Group and Area Meetings.

A Wedding First!

The 30th. May 2015 saw the first ever wedding in the Chapel of the Good Shepherd at Charwelton.   The Chapel was built in 1887 as a Methodist Chapel, but fell into disuse and was bought in 1932 by Sir Charles Knightley ands given to the Church of Englnad.   Since then it has been in continuous use as a Chapel-of-Rest to Holy Trinity, and is also the regular meeting place of the Benefice Council.    But it has never been authorised for weddings.

However local girl Sally Willoughby, whose family live 100 yards from the Chapel, made a particular request to use it for her wedding.    A  special licence from the Archbishop of Canterbury had to be obtained for the occasion, and this was, though not without a good deal of administrative activity, eventually granted.

Sally and her husband to be, Nathan Alexander, chose exactly the right date for their big day - the Friday was wet and cold, and the Sunday was wet and cold, but Saturday was a glorious sunny warm day.   The wedding went off extremely well, and everyone enjoyed themselves.    A large crowd of villagers gathered outside the Chapel to witness the arrival and departure of the happy couple, and this produced a delightful spectacle afterwards at the 3-way junction outside the Chapel and the Village Hall, with wedding guests and villagers mingling in the road - disturbed only by the occasional car very unreasonably wanting to get into or out of the village!!

The newly-weds eventually left for their reception in a splendid horse and carriage provided by Roger Tarry.

Below you will find photographs of the arrival of the bridal party, of the bride and groom, and (if I can get the technology to work) a short video clip of their departure.  (Edit: - I couldn't, so you will have to make do with a still photo instead)









100th Birthday Celebrations 

We have been very lucky to be able to share with Joan her 100th birthday celebrations. She has had several parties and here are the pictures from our offering at our harvest service. 

Concert at Charwelton Church John Cleveland Band Concert

Communion at Home

What better way to spend a summer afternoon than with good company and a communions service. Meet Joan, Pat and Gladys

Joseph Evening Activities Badby

We had a wonderful evening watching some of the Musical Joseph and his Amazing Technicoloured Dreamcoat, singing some of the songs and making a lot of noise on the percussion instruments that Nick showed us how to use.


Pancakes at Preston Capes

Okay so it was a week early but we had a great turnout for our act of worship followed by pancakes.


Lent Course on Reconciliation

We had a deeply challenging series of films on the theme of reconciliation which we introduced in our first session by Canon David Porter from coventry Cathedral. We saw films from Northern Ireland, Australia, South Africa and the Middle East and concluded the course with a trip to coventry cathedral itself to look at their very focused attention to Reconciliation.
We set off together after our sunday morning Service and started with lunch and then a guided tour of the Cathedral and worshiped at the cathedral Evensong before returning home.

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